Gregory Lewis

Gregory Lewis is a founding partner of LEWIS + LEWIS ARCHITECTS in Larchmont, New York.  Greg brings his extensive and diverse experience in the design and development of dynamic projects to our firm.  A graduate from the University of Illinois Greg has been a licensed architect for over 25 years.  Greg’s career path has enabled him to work on projects in Illinois, Florida, and New York and allowed him the ability to work on various building types, including educational structures, mid-rise residential buildings, and single-family residential renovations, additions and new construction. 

Greg spent over 11 years as a real estate development project manager focused on projects involving multifamily residential, mixed-use and hotel development.  His ability to view a potential project from a developer’s eye brings a unique voice to the team and is an asset to our clients.  Greg can analyze, evaluate and envision options for the client and this ability helps to set Lewis + Lewis apart from other design firms.

On architectural renovations/additions, client’s often state that the design solution completely reorganized the way that they utilize a space or that the addition blends in seamlessly with the existing structure.  Greg strongly believes if you are going to renovate a space, then make a dramatic change.  On projects on vacant land, Greg will often work with the client’s dreams to create a unique structure, custom designed for that client. 

Greg thinks three dimensionally and will often sketch design options to assist with the client’s understanding of the design. Flow, scale, proportion, texture, daylight, constructability, and neighborhood context are all attributive to Greg’s design process and completed work. As a design perfectionist, Greg is always searching and finding the perfect solution for his clients.

Greg’s attention to detail and his strong knowledge of residential construction have earned him the respect of many contractors and building officials. Local government officials and review boards appreciate Greg’s ability to understand the local land use and building codes and how he conveys that information back to them. Greg believes that by providing a thorough set of construction drawings produces a smoother, well-built project for the contractor and the homeowner.

Greg also brings his sense of humor to whatever he is doing. His approach with all stakeholders in a project is very non-confrontational. He believes that all members of the team bring value to the project. Whether it is a board presentation, construction meeting or a design charette, Greg will always find a way to crack a joke and make everyone smile.

Paige Lewis

Paige Jarrett Lewis is a founding partner of LEWIS + LEWIS ARCHITECTS in Larchmont, New York.  Paige brings a strong attention to detail and organization to the firm.   She is a graduate from the University of Illinois and has been a licensed architect for over 25 years.  Paige’s career path has allowed her to work on multiple building types in various parts of the country ranging from Illinois, Florida, Connecticut and New York.  She has worked for several large national firms managing the design of large primary, secondary and university educational buildings as well as medical buildings, large custom residences, and hospitality projects.  Paige also worked at smaller niche boutique architectural firms where she crafted inspirational architecture for churches, child daycare centers and libraries.

In all projects, large or small, Paige is always seeking a creative design solution with a collaborative approach.  Paige has excellent vision on how to design a new space based the client’s goals and dreams.  She crafts design solutions carefully, then carries the design concept through to project completion.  Clients appreciate the way that Paige approaches projects and her willingness to incorporate their ideas into the design.  Paige’s style is malleable, and each project is custom tailored to the client’s needs whether it is a seamless addition to a historic structure or a completely new modern structure.

Paige works diligently to establish and maintain project schedules and budgets.  Her clear, concise directives to internal and external teams keep projects moving.  She has earned the respect of local government review boards and building officials to expedite project reviews and approvals for her clients.  Construction managers, general contractors and subcontractors often refer Paige to new projects based on her extensive construction knowledge, detailed construction drawings and her ability to solve problems.